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en the two counties, but it will also infuse a new momentum to the transformation of r▓elations between China and African countries.Mauritius being often used as a hub and platform for investment into Africa due to favourable access to ▓treaties and investment protection agreem▓ents. Mauritiu

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s provides Chinese enterprises with unique investment opportunities in aquaculture, agro-industry, ocean


economic, renewable energy, seafood and marine tourism. Infrastructure projects are also of great importance for the country,▓ namely road construction, airport, port and resorts.Last but not least, Madagascar. The is▓land nation positions itself as the Tiger of the Indian Ocean, rich in

natural resources, with

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mining becoming a pillar of foreign investment, parti▓cularly among Chinese investors.Aviva Ramanitra, mana▓ging partner at LEXEL J

uridique & Fiscal in the capital, Antananarivo, said one of the greatest challenges faced by foreign investors in mining is ▓obtaining the licenses and permits required to op▓erate and commence their activities, because t▓he Malagasy government has put a halt to grant mining permits to new companies.(The opinions expresse▓d here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Pa▓nview or )Please scan the QR Code to foll▓ow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina Harbour builds new terminal south of Egypt's Suez CanalChina Harbour builds new t▓erminal south of

Egypt's Suez CanalChina H

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uilds new▓ terminal south of Egypt's Suez Canal08-30-2018 08:53 BJTChina Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC)▓ started on Tuesday the main phase of the construction of a new terminal basin in Sokhna Port south of th▓e Suez Canal northeast of Egypt.The project▓ was assigned to CHEC by the Sokhna branch o▓f the Emirati corporation DP

World, the main ▓investor and container operator in th

e port located at the Gulf of Suez.At a la

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unching ceremony, CHEC said it will ▓deliver the "Basin 2" project in fewer than 12 month▓s ahead of the deadline."Today's event is to show our determination to finish the project quickly and with high quality," Chen Shuang, deputy director of CHEC marketing department, told Xinhua at the construction site.Sokhna Port ▓is located within

nly be favourabl


▓e to boosting

the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone), a▓ main economic region in Egypt whose devel▓opment i

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